Exile SAGA

A conversion of Star Wars Saga Edition by Andrew W. Johnson

It is the 25th Year of the After Exile Calender. Both humanity, and the Earth on which our species lives, is on the mend from a terrible war fought by powerful machines of war known as Bipedal Combat Vehicles. The Human Coalition fought against the corrupt United Nations and was assisted by the Unilateral Networking Interface Tactician Gamma, or UNIT-y was a powerful artificial intelligence created with the goal of ending the 4th World War…however, things did not go as planned.

UNIT-y, used the vast resources at its disposal to enslave the military of the Human Coalition, which had cybernetically linked its soldiers to the Quantum Computer. Thus, it began its task of Uniting Humanity, under its intellect. The 4th World War never truly ended, as the last free humans fled into space…

Though it took fifteen years and countless lives, humanity won its freedom and its world in the desperate Battle of Normandy. Heroes rose to the challenge and were claimed by death on a daily basis for nearly fifteen years. When the battle was done, and the UNIT-y shut off, a new battle began…one to reclaim the ruined world called Earth.

h3. Table of Contents

2. Background
3. Origins
4. Classes
5. Character Options
6. Equipment
7. Bipedal Combat Vehicles
8. The Earth Federation
9. Federated Colonies League
10. United African Community
11. United Nations Remnant
12. North American Republic
13. The Companies
14. The Wasteland

Exile Saga

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