Captain Linus Caldwell

The sharp dressed owner of Mongoose Company and pilot of the BX-08[N] Neo Strife


Current BCV’s

BX-08N Strife Neolthium Type (Neo Strife) Huge Ground Vehicle (walker) Init:+5 Senses: As Pilot+2 Defense: Ref: 24 (Flat-footed: 15), Fort: 22;Armor: +6 HP: 120 DR:15 SR:15 BR: 10 Threshold: 35 Speed: 7, Fly Speed 7 Ranged: Assault Rifle: +4 Melee: Charged Blade N: +5 Base Attack: +4; Grapple: +12 Abilities: Strength: 34, Dex: 22, Int: 18 Skills: Initiative: +15, Pilot: +15 (makes assist rolls) Equipment: DUELIST, Combat Shield, Custom Accurate Charged Blade N(3d8+Strength x2), Compact Assault Rifle N (4d8×2), Twin CIWS, Flight System, Overdrive, Environmental Seals, Energy Barrier

BX-08[G] Strife Ground Type Huge Ground Vehicle (walker) Init:+3 Senses: As Pilot Defense: Ref:20 (Flat-footed: 14), Fort: 20;Armor: +4 HP: 104 DR:10 SR:15 Threshold: 30 Speed: 6 Ranged: Assault Rifle: +2 Melee: Short Sword: +2 Base Attack: +2;Grapple: +10 Abilities: Strength: 30, Dex: 20, Int: 14 Skills: Pilot: +3 Equipment: DUELIST, Combat Shield, Charged Blade, Assault Rifle, Environmental Seals


An Exile born to the Richard Caldwell, an executive at Braurer Corporation. He lived a fairly idol life, looking forward to entering the business world as a youth. However, that changed when his brother was killed by space pirates. Seeking revenge, he dedicates himself to defeating bandits, pirates, and raiders as a mercenary. Using his resources, he signs onto the Mercenary Guild Compact, allowing him to start a mercenary company. Named for his brother’s shuttle, the Mongoose, his company begins operations in the North American Republic.

With his three employees, Dominic (a mechanic), Nickolas (a veteran of World War 3 and the Exile War) and Harold (a washout of the UN’s Inspector program), he begins to take missions for NARA. His first mission is against the so called Bandit Queen, Moira. However, the mission doesn’t go as planned when Moira’s gang was attacked by strange BCVs.

Soon, Linus becomes the Hero of Lake Geneva when he leads a counterattack against the Earth Federal Forces. He soon takes the mission to take the fight to O’Hare, the Federation’s main base in the region. After again allying with Moira’s forces in Deep Chicago, he is given the BX-08[N] Neo Srife (though he thought he was buying a BX-08-2 Strife 2).

He defeated the Nosferatu, a powerful BCV piloted by Ranka, a amnesiac girl with no memory of her past.

Captain Linus Caldwell

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