Dominic Franko

A skilled mechanic whose quick thinking helps Mongoose Company


UN-06 Longbow Delta Huge Ground Vehicle (walker) Init: 0 Senses: As Pilot Defense: Ref 17 (flat-footed 14); Fort:18; Armor: +4 HP:60 DR: 10 Threshold: 28 Speed: 4 Ranged: Long Rifle: +3 Melee: Combat Knife: +3 Base Attack: +3; Grapple: +8 Attack Options: None Abilities: Str:26 Dex:14 Int: 18 Skills: Pilot: 0 Equipment: Trainer Targeting Computer, Long Rifle, Combat Knife


A Liberated from the North American Republic, Dom drives the Hauler for Mongoose Company. He has some BCV experience, but hates combat. His ability to pick through scrap to find the most valuable parts makes him an asset in maximizing the profits of the Company.

He spends most of his time aboard his truck or repairing the Company’s BCV’s.

Dominic Franko

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