Dr, Elzam

Former CEO of Elzam Mechanics and leader of the SPIRT


Dr. Elzam is considered to be one of the greatest scientists of the last 100 years. His advancements in gravity simulation on the moon, Virtual Intelligence development, and BCV technologies were one of the factors that lead to the success of the Colonies League in the Exile War.

A student of Dr. Gerald McNeil, he was born on Earth 30 years before the Exile. During the War, he was employed by the Apollo Restoration Project to design the system to increase the gravity on a section of lunar surface (what eventually became known as the Lunar Well). As the focus on the League shifted to defense, he joined Brauer Corp’s R&D 3, where he worked on several BX-series machines.

After the war, he returned to his native Wisconsin and opened Elzam Mechanics, which supplied the growing North American Republic with construction equipment, temporary housing, and electrical supplies in order to rebuild what had been taken by nature and time during the Exile.

However, as BCV equipped Bandits became more common and the threat of War loomed on the horizon, his expertise was called on by NARA to create a new line of weapons to protect their nation. Initially working with Brauer, he secured blueprints the original BX-03 TIMAT as well as BX-08[G] Strife Ground type through licensing agreements.

He also released a version of the widely producing UN-05 Longbow Eta, and his own enhancement of the Longbow Line, the UN-06 Longbow Delta. After this, he began work on a series of original designs, with the first being the Super Robot EZM-004 Yojimbo, which remains in Lake Geneva.

After the Battle of O’Hare, Elzam began finalizing BCVs designed for Urban Warfare. The close combat EZM-47k Ashigaru and the EZM-808 Saiga. During this time, he began to care for the amnesic Ranka. His work with Mongoose Company lead to the discovery of the clandestine group known as the Phoenix Foundation.

After Operation: Ash Like Snow, him and Richard Caldwell (father of the late Linus Caldwell) created a top-secret military think tank, Special Projects, Innovations, Research & Investigation
Team (SPIRIT) to combat the rise of Federation controlled Neolthium Frames and root out the Phoenix Foundation and their goals.

Dr, Elzam

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