Gregori Stukov

The tea drinking leader of Plath & Cooper's offices in Lake Geneva.


The Russian born Stukov is one of the few Russians left alive after the Sino-Russian Exchange. He is one of the executives of Plath & Cooper, a Private Military Contractor that works with the North American Republic. A man with exotic tastes, he owns an impressive art collection and drinks rare teas.

Stukov was declared an enemy of the Republic when Plath & Cooper Ace Pilot was found to be working for the Federation mercenaries known as Blood Hill. Evidence was planted to frame Stukov for working on both sides of the War. He was wounded by NARA MPs during his escape and sought the assistance of Mongoose Co. He was treated for his wounds and sent into hiding by Nathan Durendal, where he provided NARA tactical information anonymously, which lead to several successful missions by Mongoose Co.

After Operation: Ash Like Snow, he was recruited into SPIRIT and after six months reappeared aboard the CNV Heimdall as a Tactical Forecaster. When the Heimdall is attacked a Federation Naval Patrol most of the bridge crew were killed during the attack. It was decided that he assume command of the vessel until the issue could be addressed.

Gregori Stukov

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