Harold Wade Weber

Sniper, Mech Jock, and an Coffee Connoisseur.


Harry Wade Weber
age: 22
Height: 6’4"
Blonde Hair
Steel Grey Eyes

Kicked out of the UN for having a minor psychotic breakdown that ended up with him blowing up his room, setting fire in a recruits pants, and a bunch of toilet paper in the halls.

Harry is a skillful marksman and has handled a gun since he was a child and has been trained to kill with it from both the army and his grandfather.

Harry will follow orders and chain of command, but he does tend to be flippant to his superiors.
Harry tends to shoot first, grab a bite to eat then ask questions. Known through out the Lake Geneva NARA Base for making the best pot of coffee on base.

Many people call him esentric others call him crazy and a military wash-out but none can deny that he get stuff done.

Harold Wade Weber

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