Nathan Durendal

A retired Exile Ace


BCVs: BX-07 Gespallent, UN-01b Longbow Beta, BX-08 Strife, BX-07[Y] Gespallent Custom, BX-10A Gespallent 2, TH-76E Errant, BX-07[Y]+OA-00 Gespallent Orbital Armor Type, BXN-00 Ashura, BX-03 TIMAT, UN-17 Longbow Tau


Nathan Durendal, a.k.a. Jonathan Roe is an United Nations Inspector and former Tactical Command Officer in the 4th Lunar Fleet. He was born in Old World Chicago, but spent most of his youth in Apollo City. He worked for Braurer Corporation as a OS writer and test pilot. He was recruited by Adin Soma to join the 4th Fleet and became the Commander after the 1st Battle of Dusts.

His squad won many battles, including scoring the first kill against a Banshee. He piloted several BCVs, and became the pilot BXN-00 Ashura. He fought with the UN in the last third of the Exile War. He supposedly died at the Battle of Normandy.

However, he took the name Jonathan Roe and became one of the first Inspectors. During his time as an Inspector, he fought in the early stages of the UN-Federation War and provided support to the UN’s ally, the North American Republic after they were drawn into the War. He fought in the Battle of O’Hare, where his UN-17 Longbow Tau was destroyed in a duel against the Nosferatu N-Frame.

During the lead-up to Operation: Ash like Snow he remained at Elzam Mechanics Facility 47 to assist with research into the Nosferatu. He left when he discovered the Braurer had repaired the Ashura and fought during the Operation, where he vanished while attempting to shoot down nuclear missiles.

Nathan Durendal

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