Additional Equipment

Jump Jets
Cost: 12,000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Jump Jets are specialized thrusters mounted on BCVs. They function differently between terrestrial and space combat. A jump jet is activated by using a move action. When used, the BCV gains a fly speed equal to their speed+1. In terrestrial combat, the BCV must land at the end of the move action and can be used 5 times before needing to refuel(which costs300 Credits). In space combat, it can constantly be used without the need to refuel.

Camouflage Cloak
Cost: 1,000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 0
A Camouflage Cloak is a specially designed fiberweave colored in a cammo patern depending on the environment. A Camouflage cloak’s make is designed to hide a BCV’s heat signature as well, making effective against conventional scanners. The Grants a +5 Enhancement bonus to stealth check while it has concealment. A mech equipped with a Camouflage Cloak also gains Concealment while moving at half its speed or less. This improves to Total Concealment while not moving. A Camouflage Cloak must be purged (a swift action) before you can attack.

Combat Shield
Cost: 1000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
A Hand Carried shield used by Mechs. It grants a SR 15 while carried. Requires a free hand. Cannot be used while wielding a weapon in both hands.

Reinforced Level 1/2/3
Cost: 4000/8000/16000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1/2/4
Reinforced Level 1: Increase Total HP by 20%
Reinforced Level 2: Increase Total HP by 40%
Reinforced Level 3: Increase Total HP by 60%

Armor Plating-Ceramic Titanium Composite
Cost: 4500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Increase the BCV’s Armor Bonus by +3, Reduce Speed by -1
Special: Cannot be taken with Armor Plating: Ablative Carbon Lattice

Armor Plating-Ablative Carbon Lattice
Cost: 4500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Increase your BCV’s DR by 5. Reduce Armor by -1

Armor Plating-Beam Resistant Shell
Cost: 5500 Credits

Emplacement Points: 1
You retain your DR against Energy Weapons. Your DR is treated as 5 lower against non-energy weapons.

Stealth Plating
Cost: 4500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Grants a +5 Equipment bonus to Stealth and a -2 Penalty to Fortitude Defense.

Frictionless Joints
Cost: 3500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Increase the BCV’s Speed by 1.

Mounted Emplacements
Cost: 2000 Credits per 4
Emplacement Points: 2
Four Emplacement Points are mounted on the BCV. Each of these can hold a missile pack, CIWS, Sensor Package, or Mobile Pod (either Camera Pods or GunCams). These may be targeted seperately while mounted(the attack does suffer a -10 penalty to attacking an attended item). The equipment mounted must be purchased seperately.

Pulse Bracer
Cost: 5500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
A mech equipped with this gains Barrier Rating 10. Barrier Rating is similar to Shield Rating except that it can absorb energy damage. You may discharge the shield to negate all damage from an energy attack. It can be recharged with the mechanics skill (see SWSE Core Rulebook for details on recharging shields).

Ammunition Expansions
Cost: 20% of weapon’s cost
Emplacement Point: 0
Description: A mounted weapon with this upgrade increases its ammunition capacity by 50%, rounded down.

Linked Fire
Cost: 2500 Credits
Emplacement Point: 1
Description: Linked Fire systems modify two weapons to fire either as individual weapons or one double weapon. The linked weapons must both be the same type of weapon. Firing in twin linked mode takes ammo from each gun.

High Spec
Cost: 8750 Credits
Emplacement Points: 2
Perhaps the most common mark of a Colonial Navy veteran’s BCV. High Spec mechs have had their parts tuned to the absolute highest. This upgrade grants +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity and +1 Speed. The first time this mech would move down a step on the condition track, do not move down that step.

Melee Customization
Cost: 6000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Mechs designed specifically for melee combat were the trademarks of UNIT-y and Tempa’s Defense Force. Melee Customization is a specialized upgrade designed to maximize the effectiveness of Melee mechs. You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to pilot checks to while in dog fights, as well as +2 Equipment Bonus to Initiative.

Environmental Seals
Cost: 2000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1

Originally a field modification made to UN-01A Longbows by Arabian Freedom Fighters. Improvements to the design have included life support systems, joint seals, pressurized cockpit, terrain stabilizers and extra heat sinks. Environmental Seals protect the pilot from harm due to the void or being submerged and allows you to ignore the first square of difficult terrain.

Flight System
Cost: 30,000 Credits
Emplacement Points: Special

Flight Systems come in two forms. The first, and more common is a specialized aircraft designed to carry a BCV laying or crouched on the Flight System’s back. While mounted on a Flight System the pilot suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls and pilot checks. A gargantuan or larger Walker cannot mount a Flight System. This type of Flight System has a Fly Speed of 5, uses the pilot’s Reflex and Fortitude Defense, has DR 5 and 30 HP.
The Second type of Flight System is an advanced version of the Jump Jets. In zero-gravity environments, it grants a Fly Speed of 4. In terrestrial environments, activating a Flight System is a swift action and grants the user a fly speed of 4 squares until the end of your turn. A Flight System can be run for 6 rounds and can be run continuously; no swift action is required to to activate the Flight System on subsequent rounds. This version of the Flight System requires 2 emplacement points

Additional Equipment

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