Adventure Notes

The Missions of Mongoose Company

The God of Dread Mongoose Company, a mercenary team working for the North American Republic, is sent to retrieve medical supplies from the bandits who stole it. They discover a powerful jamming field that even hampers local communications. They manage to track down the bandits, but find their real enemy: The mysterious Deimos.

The Best Laid Plans: Gregori Stukov, the local representative of Plath & Cooper, a large PMC, hires Mongoose Company to rescue a scout team sent out into the Wastelands. They find the only survivor, Forest Steinbeck. Together, they travel back to the Geneva, but find it under attack by the Earth Federation.

Dragon Hunt: In the aftermath of the Battle of Lake Geneva the Mongoose Company begins to prepare for their next mission. After a week of preperation, they travel into the Wasteland, only to be trapped by the infamous 13th Special Operations Company of the Earth Federation.

Pulling the Brake: Thanks to some quick thinking by Dom, the Company’s hauler driver, they manage to beat back the 13th Spec Ops forces. However, an unexpected ally makes her presence known: Moira. The company discovers Deep Chicago, a city built under the rubble of the Wasteland. Their, they discover that more than Chicago has escaped death.

What Strange Aeons: The Battle of O’Hare between the Deep Chicago forces and the Federation Forces at the jamming device is a fierce one. A new, powerful enemy rises and new mysteries are discovered with its fall.

Adventure Notes

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