Earth Federation
Foundation: AE 12
Government Type: Representative Federal Republic
Population: 1.4 Billion
Capital: Dublin (former), None (current)
Military: Earth Federal Forces (EFF)

The Earth Federation was founded after the defeat of UNITy in AE 12 as a successor the United Nations and was established with the goal of restoring order and prosperity to the world. Despite the grandiose title, there remains several independent nations.

In AE 20, the Federation began a war to annex the United African Community, whose territory included several city-sized factories created by UNITy. The United Nations intervened, leading the conflict becoming a global one.

8 July AE 26 becomes a day that will define the Federation. Several nuclear attacks occurred within the Federation, crippling its infrastructure. The Fate of the Federation remains in the balance.

The Colonies League
Foundation: AE 1
Government: Confederacy with a shared military
Population: 260 Million
Capital: Colony 18, Tempa’s Hope
Military: Colonial Navy, Colonies Expedition Force (referred to a Marines)

Though Tempa’s Hope had been established in AD 2150, an independent colonial government did not exist until Earth was under the control UNITy. The Colonies League was largely created to oversee the creation and operation of a military to protect against UNITy. Due to this, there is still very little in the way of civil and criminal law. Though in order to receive any government benefits, holding some manner of employment is required of most adults. This relic of the early days of the League has lead to cries of fascism, but with the coming of another war the public’s attention is elsewhere.

Though the majority of it’ population is in space, it does hold Australia as a dedicated territory and member nation. Though the Federation briefly occupied the territory through most of AE 25 and into AE 26.

North American Republic
Foundation: AE 12
Government: Representative Republic (modeled on United States)
Population: 32 Million
Capital: Madison
Military: North American Republic Army (NARA)

When the Colonies Expedition Force and the United Nations Remnant Forces began their counterattack against UNITy, they launched a campaign to reclaim the northern portions of the former United States. An area rich in resources that was relatively untouched by UNITy (save for the nuclear attack on Chicago and sacking of Manhattan), it would serve as a staging ground for remainder of the UNITy War.

When UNITy was destroyed, many Exiles and Terrans began to repopulate the area. A civilian government was established with the blessing of the Colonies League (which remains a close ally). Due to a distrust of UNITy technology, several private and state-funded programs exist to preform the Liberation surgery of Terrans. It is against the law to hire Terrans, though some illegal hiring does occur.

In AE 25, the Federation launches attacks against the Republic. Initial attacks were deterred thanks to NARA’s employment of elite mercenary units, such as Mongoose Company and Hell’s Irregulars. Conflicts along it’s southern border have become drawn out. Though, NARA was still able to dedicate resources to Operation: Boomerang and assist in breaking Federation control of Australia.

The United Nations Remnant (UN-R)
Foundation: AD 1945
Government: Military Council
Capital: Central Command (often called Central or CentCom)
Population: 9 million
Military: United Nations Army, UN-Inspector

The UN managed to survive in underground bases built by the United States in secret, leading to an ongoing guerrilla war against UNITy during the first ten years of the Exile. When contact was made between the Colonies League and UN, a plan was drafted to destroy UNITy.

Today, the UN remains as an independent government under military rule. Though it has little political power, it’s military is said to be unbeatable. Their mastery of hit and run tactics and use of advanced technology has lead to them holding their territory against the Federation.


  • Bipedal Combat Vehicles (BCVs): The AE Universe’s term for Mecha. (Examples: BX-03 TIMAT, WA-X437 Phobos, EZM-808 Saiga)
  • Phase Weapon: Plasma-based Energy Weapons. (Ex. Phase Spear, Phase Projector)
  • Exile: A human that was never controlled or modified by UNIT-y. (Ex. Nathan Durendal, Nick McTaggert)
  • Liberated: A human that was controlled by UNIT-y, but was removed from it’s control and had most of their implants removed. After UNIT-y’s destruction, some undergo the Liberation process for medical, social, or religious reason. (Ex. Major Sanders)
  • Terran: A human who was controlled by UNIT-y and is now free (but has not undergone Liberation). They make up the majority of humanity. (Secretary-General Perez of the Earth Federation, General Francis Raines of the EFF)
  • Space Colony: An artificial structure placed in Earth’s Orbit to serve as a permanent habitat for humans. The first space colonies were built by the Japanese in AD 2112. (Ex: Tempa’s Hope, Bastille)
  • Neolthium: A rare psychoreactive metal found in some Asteroids that were converted to mines. The metal causes severe damage to the nervous system upon physical contact by most. However, a few are able to control the reaction. These Controllers are able to pilot BCVs made using Neolthium.
  • N-Frame: A BCV whose primary construction material is Neolthium. N-Frames have unrivaled power generation and are able to use energy weapons without the need for a special power supply. The production of N-Frames are banned under the Dublin Accords. (Ex: BX-08N Strife N, Nosferatu)
  • Overdrive: A Controller can use the properties of the Neolthium to push their machine beyond it’s technical limitations. Each Controller’s Overdrive is different, however it causes damage to their nervous system over time.
  • Drive Core: A specialized power system that allows a BCV to exceed it’s normal limits, but causes extra stress to the machine in some way. (Ex. BX-13 Wraith’s Drive Core R, BM-06 Artemis’ Drive Core M)
  • N-Core: A specialized Drive Core made from Neolthium. Not technically banned by the Dublin Accords and safer than the use of an N-Frame. Pilots of N-Cores do not have to be Controllers, but also do not have the ability to use Overdrive. (BM-06 Artemis’ secret N-Core)
  • Mercenary Guild Confederation: The governing body for mercenaries under the Dublin Accords. Membership in the Confederation is required to be hired as a mercenary by a Government. This organization establishes the rules of warfare and upholds contracts. They are completely independent from other factions and are exceptionally well-armed.
  • Orbital Armor: Specialized armor systems mounted on BCVs to improve their performance. Named because the armor “orbits” the mech’s body via specialized mounts. Orbital Armors automatically purge when they’ve sustained considerable damage. (Ex. BX-07Y+OA-00 Gespallent Orbital Armor Type, EZM-47k+OA-15 Ashigaru Space Warfare Kit)
  • UNIT-y: The artificial intelligence that dominated the majority of humanity. It was destroyed in AE 12.
  • Cyborg: A cyborg is a human that has had technological modifications preformed on their body through surgical means. The term is used to differentiate from Terrans, whose modifications were preformed by UNIT-y, while Cyborgs were modified by humans. (Ex. Dr. Elzam, General James Carson)
  • Controller: A person capable of control over the psychoreactive properties of Neolthium. Other than their ability to pilot N-Frames, Controllers are no different than normal humans. (Ex. Linus Caldwell, Aisha Durendal, Ranka)


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