Braurer Corporation BM Series

In AE 25, the Federated Colonies League passes the Naval Review Act, which calls for the updating of the Colonial Navy’s equipment, which had not undergone any major overhaul since the creation of the BX-08-2 Strife 2 and the commissioning of the Heracles Class Battle Carriers. Braurer Corporation is contracted to replace the aging BX-07S Gespallent Refit and BX-08-2 Strife 2.

BM-00 Mongol
Nickname: The Ghost of Space
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Operators: Colonial Navy
Role: Stealth Combat Machine
Weight Class: Light
Standard Weapons: 1x Linear Carbine, 1x Twin-linked CIWS, 2x Combat Knife
Standard Equipment: Stealth Plating, Laser Assault Network (LAN) System

The Mongol is the first prototype of the new Braurer Military series machine. Designed as a stealth fighter, it substitutes traditional armor plating for stealth panels and traditional thrusters for ion pulse engines, which run cooler than standard methods. This specialized equipment allows the Mongol to serve as a dual role scout/ambush unit. While able to seriously cripple Federation Osprey’s, in a direct fight Mongols are easily overwhelmed.

BM-01 AReL
Nickname: Ender
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Operators: Colonial Navy
Role: High Maneuver Combat Machine
Weight Class: Light
Standard Weapons: 1x Linear Carbine, 1x Twin-linked CIWS, 1x Gauss Magnum
Standard Equipment: 1x Pulse Bracer, Laser Assault Network (LAN) System

Developed shortly after the BM-00 Mongol, the AReL stands for Advanced Recon Leader. Though designed to serve as a command unit for both Mongol and Strife teams, the machine’s features and ease of production has lead to widespread adaptation by the Colonial Navy for their elite forces. Like the Mongol, it relies on the LAN system, allowing teams to work in tandem to take down enemies. Instead of stealth armor, it relies on light armor plating supplemented with a Pulse Bracer, increasing it’s defenses against the Phase weapon equipped Ospreys.

BM-06 Artemis
Nickname: The Hunter
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Operators: Colonial Navy, Mongoose Co.
Role: Multi-role assault BCV
Weight Class: Heavy
Standard Weapons: 1x Twin CIWS
Standard Equipment: Jump Jets, Panoramic Cockpit, Drive Core P

Originally a competing design against the BX-07 Gespallent, its variable weapons system was deemed too expensive and clunky to use in the field. However, improvements in the technology since AE 8 have brought the Artemis back from the dead. The Artemis can be equipped with a specialized weapons package called a Crisis Pack. Each Crisis Pack adds additional weapons and equipment to the Artemis, allowing it fulfill a wide range of combat roles.

In addition, each Artemis is equipped with a Drive Core (type ‘P’). When activated, it increases the ability of the machine to suffer massive damage and deal out damage with any melee weapon equipped.

Crisis Packs
Hunter Package: Equips the Artemis with a Chain Cannon, along with an Ammunition Pod on one arm. On the other, it mounts a specialized Heavy Blade designed maximize it’s damage potential.

Reaper Pack: The Reaper Package mounts twin Heavy Blades (one on each arm). Normally, Heavy Blades require two hands to operate, however with braces equipped allow the mech to easily balance the load. Extra thrusters increase the machines speed as well.

Hoplite Pack: An armored package that equips the machine with a single Heavy Blade and a combat shield. Laminated anti-Phase armor parts add the Artemis’s defenses.

Zhuge Pack: Named for the Chinese repeating Crossbow, this package adds a powerful twin Chain Cannon and specialized shield designed to repel Phase attacks as well as conventional weapons.

Braurer Corporation BM Series

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