Braurer Corporation BXN Series

While a subset of the BX-series BCVs, the BXN-series consists of several prototype Neolthium Frames. It is known that prototypes BXN.01-BXN.06 Never made it into production, and were simply models designed to test features of the first complete Neolthium Frame, the Asura. Previous Neolthium Frames were constructed with roughly 1/5 of the Neolthium involved in the construction of the Ashura.

BXN-00 Asura
Nickname: The Midnight Comet
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Operators: Colonial Navy
Role: Assault Command Type
Weight Class: Medium Neolthium Frame
Standard Weapons: 1x Phase Rifle, 2x Twin CIWS, 1x Phase Sword, 2x Short Blade N, 4x Missile Pods

The third Neolthium Frame deployed during the Exile War, the BXN-00 Asura was the most powerful BCV ever designed, at least according to its service record. Deployed in AE 11, the Asura turned back a massive assault on the Lunar Fleets’ dry docks over the moon single handedly. It’s pilot, Nathan Durandal of the 4th Lunar Fleet, fought in dozens of battles during the Asura’s first deployment, which was ended when it plummeted to Earth during a battle with the EndBringer.

During the Liberation of Earth, the Colonial Navy discovered that the Asura had survived reentry. It joined the Expedition Force and fought at the Battle of Normandy, where it engaged in a second duel with the EndBringer, this time destroying the deadly Neolthium Frame (in the process destryoing UNIT-y’s AI Core). The badly damaged Asura was recovered and not seen for over 13 years, when the Ashura appeared at the Operation: Ash Like Snow where it was seemingly lost during an atmospheric attack on the Earth Federation’s nuclear assault.

BXN-01 Aesir
Nickname: The Ghost Soldier
Original Manufacturer: UN-Inspectors
Operators: Nathan Durendal
Role: Assault Command Type
Weight Class: Medium Neolthium Frame
Standard Weapons: 1x Phase Gatling Cannon, 2x Twin CIWS, 1x Phase Sword, 3x Phantom Pods
Special Systems: Custom TACT OS, BAHAMUT System

After being severely damaged during Operation: Ash Like Snow, the BXN-00 Asura landed in Africa where its pilot met up with local and UN forces. Working with the United African Community and the Inspector, Nathan Durendal refined the machine using Neolthium found in Africa. After six months, the newly dubbed Aesir was deployed and arrived to assist Mongoose Company during its battle against the FGF-470 Sturmriese by holding off Federation Forces allowing Mongoose Company to focus on the Super Prototype.

As the Colonial Navy’s BAHAMUT satellite was powered by the BXN-00, its many of its systems survived the Asura’s fall to earth. These systems were integrated into the Aesir, created the BAHAMUT system. BAHAMUT is capable of interfacing with nearby computer systems and communications. However, its range is limited to 100 KM.

Braurer Corporation BXN Series

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