Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems

Targeting Computers

Trainer Targeting Computer
Cost: 500 Credits
Grants Heavy Weapon and Advanced Melee Weapon Proficiency and if you are untrained in the pilot skill, you gain a +5 equipment bonus to the pilot skill. It was originally designed to assist mechanics and designers who were inexperienced as pilots in testing their machines. Most mechs come equipped with a Trainer as part of their standard equipment.

Duster Tracking Package

Cost: 2000 Credits
When attacking with two weapons you gain a +2 equipment bonus to hit. In addition when using Autofire, you treat the weapon as braced (reducing the to hit penalty from -5 to -2). If the weapon is mounted (and thus already braced) you gain a +2 Equipment Bonus to damage. The United States Army sought to make improvements to the BX-03 TIMAT. The Duster helps the pilot use multiple weapons simultaneously. This system has some popularity with Gespallent pilots.

Data Utilization, Extratration & Logistics for Impulse Sword Technology (DUELIST)
Credits: 2500 Credits
An advanced computer that makes melee combat much easier for the pilot. A DUELIST equipped mech cannot be flanked. In addition, once per encounter you may choose to reroll an attack roll with a melee weapon, but you must use the second result. You suffer a -2 penalty to ranged attacks.

Tactical Analysis in Combat Terminal (TACT)
Cost: 4500 Credits
A Virtual Intelligence installed into BCVs, it is capable of assisting a pilot in many advanced operations. While piloting a BCV with a TACT, you may take an additional swift action. You have a +2 Bonus to Pilot Checks

Stalone6 Tracking System (STS)
Cost: 2500 Credits
Originally designed for use with BX-07 Gespallents, it proved to be inferior to the TACT units. Designed to maximize damage with long ranged weapons, it also lead to a massive increase in ammuntion consumption. While it remained unused through most of the Exile era, it has seen some popularity among various pilots who prefer to “spray and pray”. When using Auto-fire you may double the amount of ammunition consumed in order to add one dice of damage.

Dylandy Probability Calculator
Cost: 4000
The DPC is an advanced package designed to determine most probable shot. The Dylandy Probability Calculator reduces the penalty for using a Bulky weapon without Autofire after moving from -5 to -2. In addition, it’s tracking software grants a +2 Equipment bonus to Perception or Use Computer checks when attempting to find hidden enemies.

Cost: 3000
Designed by Dr. Elzam, the ZOS was designed to support the pilot in the maintenance and operation of the mech. It is first test is being used by the EZM-808 Saiga. It grants a +2 Equipment Bonus to Use Computer, Mechanics, and Pilot checks while working on or piloting the mech. In addition, making a Use Computer check in place of a perception check is a swift action instead of a standard action while piloting this mech.

Cost: 4500
Designed for the Earth Federation’s FGF BCVs. The OS is optimized for intelligence gathering in the field by monitoring radio frequencies. You gain a +2 Equipment bonus to Use Computer checks to use the BCV’s scanners. COMMtech OS reduces the range penalty for these checks to -1 for every 10 squares (instead of -5 for every 10 squares)

Laser Assisted Network (LAN) Targeting System
Cost: 5000 Credits
Based on the targeting system used by point defense batteries, the LAN Targeting System uses specialized targeting lasers to “paint” the target. When you successfully make an attack roll to assist an ally, the bonus granted increases from +2 to +4. Also, the first time you miss a target each turn you may grant an ally within 6 squares a +2 Insight bonus to their next attack roll against that target.
h3. Other Systems

Algorithmic Enhancement 2/4/6
Cost: 8000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 0/1/2
Your mech gains a +2/
4/+6 Equipment Bonus to Intelligence.

Panoramic Display
Cost:6,500 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Panoramic Displays is a difficult upgrade to preform and involves a complete reconstruction of the cockpit, as well as installing several cameras and sensors around the machine. Holographic displays are set up to provide an almost complete view around the machine. This negates any penalties for being flanked and grants a +2 equipment bonus to perception checks.

Sensor Package: 2/4/6
Cost: 500/1000/2000 Credits
Emplacement Points: 1
Increase your BCV’s Pecrepction check by +2/
4/+6 (this includes Use Computer Checks made to use sensors). Ignore the first penalty to perception for range.

Electronic Systems

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