Elzam Mechanics

Elzam Mechanics is primarily a civilian technology company focusing in construction, biotechnology, Virtual Intelligence, and Digital Security. However, the Mechanized Development Department has begun work on a brand new BCV to replace the aging TIMATs, Strifes, and Longbows.

Nickname: Big Red, The Colossus of Geneva
Manufacturer: Elzam Mechnaincs
Operators: Elzam Mechanics
Weapons: Long Assault Solar Energy Ray, Gigan Colossus Breaker

The first BCV ever created by Elzam mechanics, it stands over 24 meters tall, over twice the size of other machines. In order to power the BCV and the complex systems that control it, two nuclear reactors have been attached to its back in heavily armored casings. It’s primary weapon is a twelve meter tall sword called the Gigan Colossus Breaker, originally designed as an anti-capital ship sword to be used by the TBD-81C Cavalier. Due to its massive size, it can cleave through several machines at once.

EZM-47k Ashigaru
Nickname: Spearman
Manufacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operator: NARA
Weapons: 1x Gigan Yari, 1x Auto Gun.

Description: The Ashigaru is a blue colored mech that appears to be a miniaturized Yojimbo, though lacking the Twin Nuclear Turbines. The Ashigaru are built for speed. They’re legs take advantage of Synthetic Muscle-like polymers which allow the legs greater mobility without damaging the machine’s internal frame. The armor of the machine is fairly light, as the polymers cannot support heavier armor mounted on traditional frames.

It’s primary weapon is the Gigan Yari, a long spear tipped a molecule thin blade and an Impulse Battery in the hilt which allows it to cut through armor with ease. It’s secondary weapon is the autogun. The Autogun uses standard FCL rounds in an automatic weapon mounted on the machine’s left arm. It has a lower fire rate than average weapons, firing in small bursts.

EZM-808 Saiga
Nickname: The Russian
Manfuacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operator: NARA, Elzam Mechanics
Weapons: 1x Combat Shotgun, 2x Combat Knife, 1x Missile Pod

Description: Elzam Mechanics has worked for years to create a unique BCV to replace the aged BX-08[G] Strife Ground Type used by NARA. The 808 represents the eight-hundred and eighth attempt at creating a successful original BCV for mass production. Designed as a close combat machine to assist the longbows frequently used by NARA, the Saiga was built with the input of Gregori Stukov and Nickolas McTaggert. The success of the Saiga’s initial combat trials lead to widespread deployment by NARA and allied mercenaries. The Saiga is equipped with a Missile Launcher as a support weapon to provide distance cover fire, and a Shotgun for close up superiority. The original production prototype serves as a combat unit for Mongoose Company.

EZM-555 Alucard
Nickname: The Ghost Sword
Manfuacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operator: Elzam Mechanics
Weapons: 2x Phase Katar, 2x Missile Pods

Officially, EZM-555 Alucard began life as the scrapped BXN.06, one of the N-Frame protoypes used in the creation of the BXN-00 Asura. However, the EZM-555 Alucard originates from the WA-X555 Nosferatu. Incorporating the Phase Katars of the BXN.06, the Alucard is a close combat N-Frame piloted Ranka, a test pilot for Elzam Mechanics.

Despite being a rebuilt Nosferatu, the Alucard does not contain the Thrall System and uses the cockpit block from an EZM-47k Ashigaru. While this limits the Ranka’s Controller abilities, it prevents her from the influence of the Thrall System and allows her to use Overdrive at will. While the Colonial Navy is unhappy with the existence of a new N-Frame, Dr. Elzam assures them it will be used only for the defense of his facilities.

NGF-95 Apache
Original Manufacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operators: Chicago Militia, NARA, UN-Remnant
Role: Combat superiority model
Weight Class: medium
Standard Weapons: 1x Battle Rifle with Snap Bayonet, 1x Twin CIWS

The Chicago Militia scored a huge victory for NARA when it captured St. Louis from the Federation in a surprise attack. Not only was this a major trading post along the Mississippi, but the Federal Force had established a factory for local production of the FGF-95 Musketeer. With data provided by Elzam Mechanics and Mongoose Company, the Chicago Militia began production of a specialized variant, the Apache.

Though somewhat expensive to produce, the Apache is extremely resilient to damage. Already, Apache team are being deployed in local conflicts. Some UN pilots who lost their UN-01c Stimga models during the Coup have begun to pilot Apaches.

EZM-54 Shadowbat
Original Manufacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operators: UN-Remnant
Role: Combat High-speed Tracker
Weight Class: medium
Standard Weapons: 1x Chain Cannon, 1x Gigan Yari

In late AE 26, the United Nations Forces commissioned Elzam Mechanics to design a high speed scout mech to support their relatively slow machines. The Shadowbat was designed at Elzam Mechanics Facility 54 (as opposed to Facility 47 where the Ashigaru was developed). The EZM-54 is based off a modified Ashigaru pattern. It features extra room to fit UN sensor equipment and a rack of GunPods.

It’s most noticeable feature is an advanced sonar system designed for use in the vast tunnel network throughout the Rockies. This sonar system serves as both a navigational aid and primary sensor system within the tunnels. Lastly, its feet are equipped to utilize the UN’s rail system, allowing them to travel the rails at blinding speeds.

EZM-1K Aeron
Original Manufacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operators: SPIRIT
Role: Custom Stealth Unit
Weight Class: Heavy
Standard Weapons: 1x CIWS, 1x Phase Projector, 1x Plasma Thrower

Elzam Mechanics test pilot Kylar Temno and 13th Corps leader Major Asha teamed up to create a machine that utilized their specialized energy weapons (Elzam’s Phase Projector and the Federation’s Plasma Thrower). The result, a hybrid between the FGF-108 Immolator and EZM-808 Saiga became known as the Aeron. Equipped for deep cover warfare, the Aeron relies on stealth and surprise to wipe out its targets before the enemy can react.

The mech is not without its flaws. Due to the weight and power requirements of its weapons, it is relatively slow and lightly armored for its weight. The skill of its pilot is a necessary component for this custom model.

Elzam Mechanics

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