Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons

An emerging field of battlefield weaponry, the existence of energy weapons dates back to the end of World War III, with the first Solar Energy Ray. An Orbital Bombardment cannon capable of wrecking havoc on targets below. During the Exile, both the Colonial Navy and UNIT-y deployed capital ships equipped with plasma-based weapons on trial basis, however they were never mass produced due to cost.

BCV energy weapons originate with the WA-X505 Banshee’s Phase Spear, a powerful plasma tipped melee weapon capable of cutting through the thickest armor with ease. In late AE 10, Brauer Corporation launched 3 BCVs capable of using energy weapons. These early energy weapons were powered by psychoreactive Neolthium Frames. The power requirements of such weapons meant they were unusable by standard machines.

In AE 25, the Earth Federal Forces’ Osprey BCV is equipped with a pair of Phase Weapons that use capacitors to store a charge which drains quickly with use. However, the existence of mass-produced energy weapons will likely change warfare forever.

All Energy Weapons require the Exotic Weapons Proficiency (Energy Weapons). Though EM Weapons deal energy damage, they are treated as weapons of the category they are listed under. All Energy Weapons ignore the DR and SR of their targets.

Phase Blade
Emplacement Points: 1 or Carried in 1 Hand
Damage: 2d8x2+STR

A sword with a blade of plasma contained in a powerful magnetic field. A Phase Blade is capable of cutting through the thickest armor.

Phase Carbine
Emplacement Points: Carried in One Hand
Damage: 3d8x2
Autofire: No

Designed for the FGF-708 Osprey, the Phase Carbine is a mass-produced version of the Phase Rifle.
Generally considered one of the weaker Phase Weapons, it runs out of power after 6 shots and must recharge on a carrier.

Phase Claw
Emplacement Point: 1, Replaces Hand
Damage: 2d10x2+STR
Based on a similar principle to the WA-X437 Phobos’s Claw, the Phase Claw projects three small blades of Plasma as it slashes through its target. The and th claw is mounted on cannot hold other equipment.

Phase Claymore
Emplacement Point 1, Requires 2 Hands
Damage: 2d12x2+STRx2
This deadly Phase Sword is twice as large as the Phase Blade. It was first seen deployed by the Sinmara.

Phase Rifle
Emplacement Point: Requires 1 Hand
Damage: 3d10x2
Autofire: Yes
A fairly standard looking rifle designed to fire beams at its target. It can be set to fire rapidly at its targets.

Phase Spear
Emplacement Point: Requires 2 Hands
Damage: 2d10x2+STRx2
The first BCV Phase Weapon deployed. A pilot wielding this weapon has Reach 1. When attacking a target that is not adjacent to the wielder, you may not double your strength for wielding the weapon in two hands.

Energy Weapons

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