Mounted Heavy Weapons

Damage: 3d6x2 | Autofire: Only
A light mounted weapon designed to fill a roll heavier than a CIWS, but lighter than a Chain Cannon. The Autogun is a relatively new weapon designed to pepper groups of enemies. It’s high rate of fire and wide cone of fire make it a good weapon for skirmishers and a solid secondary weapon.

Chain Cannon
Damage: 3d10x2 | Autofire: Yes

Adapted from other military vehicles, the Chain Cannon is the primary weapon of the BX-03 TIMAT and BX-07 Gespallent. The weapon fires up to 250 40mm rounds per minute. The weapon is fairly inaccurate and pilots often mount stabilizers to reduce spread. The weapon’s drum contain enough ammo for 40 bursts.

Close in Weapon Systems (CIWS)
Damage: 3d4x2 | Autofire: No
Developed as an anti-vehicle weapon by the Earth Federation, the CIWS has become addition to many mechs as an alternative weapon system. Generally mounted in the head or wrist, the weapon is easy to fire but contains little ammunition. The CIWS or Twin CIWS can be fired as a swift action once per turn. It can be fired six times before needing to be reloaded.

EM Blaster
Damage: 3d10x2 (EM) | Autofire: No
The first mass produced energy weapon was developed by NARA in AE 20 for the Mobile Operations Police. While it’s rarely used in military engagements, mercenaries whose contracts include salvage rights often equip their machines with these weapons to disable enemy units. EM weapons use the Ion Damage Rules (see Saga Edition Core Rulebook, page 159).

Missile Pod
Damage: 5d10x2 | Autofire: No
Though Missile pods saw little use in the Exile War, they’ve become more common in recent years. Each pod holds a small number of missiles (4, 6, 8) that are designed to seek out a designated target. Highly accurate, the missile can easily hit targets up to 5 km away. A safety feature prevents the warhead from arming within proximity to the mech that launched it. Missiles are treated as Accurate weapons and deal 2d10x2 damage to targets at Point Blank Range (instead of their normal damage).

Shell Cannon
Damage: Varies | Autofire: No
Deployed primarily on the BX-03 TIMAT and TH-80C Cavalier, the Shell Cannon is a cannon-like weapon with a revolving six chamber cylinder, each loaded with a custom shell. There are three shells designed to be used with the shell cannon: Depleted Uranium, Electromagnetic, & Fragmentation.

Depleted Uranium
Damage: 4d10x2
Among the most effective anti-armor rounds in the world, Depleted Uranium rounds are sought after by militaries and mercenaries alike. Due to the power of the this shell, you ignore 5 points of Damage Resistance the target might have.

EM Shell
Damage: 4d10x2
Specially manufactured EM shells designed by Elzam Mechanics were designed along side his TIMAT remakes as a non-lethal weapon for police forces. However, they have become popular with mercenaries. EM weapons use the Ion Damage Rules (see Saga Edition Core Rulebook, page 159).

Fragmentation Shell
Damage: 4d8x2
Designed for destroying groups of enemies, the Fragmentation Shell is the primary ammunition for the TIMAT line. It explodes in a two square burst on contact.

Vortex Cannon
Damage: 3d12x2 | Autofire: Only
Designed for use as point defense systems and adapted for use on BCVs, the Vortex Cannon is an advanced chain cannon which uses twin magnetic accelerators instead of traditional ammunition. These accelerators spin the projectiles at incredibly high speeds and can fire several dozen rounds per second. The Vortex Cannon’s high rate of fire means it is difficult to use against single opponents, but can easily cover an area in a deadly rain of metal. Attacks with a vortex cannon ignore 5 points of Damage Resistance.

Twin Weapon
Cost: 2x the Cost of the Weapon
Damage: +1 Die
Emplacement Point: +1
A common way to increase the damage of a mounted weapon is to increase the number of barrels firing. For any mounted weapon, you can add a second barrel. A Twin Weapon costs 2x as much as the original version and takes up an additional emplacement point. Despite the extra firepower, these weapon systems suffer a drawback due to the extra heat produced. An Attack Roll of 1 (aka a Natural 1) causes the weapon to become disabled due to overheating. Re-enabling the weapon takes a minute and requires a DC 30 Mechanics check.

Quad Weapon
Cost: 5x the Cost of the Weapon
Damage: +2 Dice of Damage
Emplacement Point: +3
Usually reserved for defensive emplacements or capital ships, a Quad Weapon has 4 Barrels, allowing it unleash even more firepower. A mech mounted Quad Weapon often suffers heat and power issues. An attack roll of 3 or lower causes the weapon to become disabled. Re-enabling the weapon takes a minute and requires a DC 30 Mechanics check.

Mounted Heavy Weapons

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