Tempa's Hope Defenders

Tempa’s Hope Defenders are perhaps the most unique BCV designs seen during the Exile War, and even ten years later. Each frame is equipped with a large two-handed sword, designed to defeat the WA-X437 Phobos in close combat.

TH-76E Errant
Nickname: Defenders, Hackers
Manufacturers: Tempa’s Hope Defense Corps
Operators: Colonial Navy
Weapons: 1x Heavy Blade, 2x Combat Knife, 1x Long Rifle

The Errant is the first unique BCV designed for space combat. Originally designed to replace the UN-02 Longbow Beta, the Errant is capable of using the Beta’s Long Rifle. However, its primary weapon is a massive long sword known as a Heavy Blade. The Errant’s purpose was the fulfill the long standing need for something that could not only defeat the Phobos at range, but in close combat. The massive sword gave the advantage of reach against the Ghouls.

While Errants cost nearly twice that of a Longbow model, they are powerful machines capable of inflicting impressive damage. Despite being an older model, they remain in production and are even available for sale. The THDC is more than willing to provide these machines to mercenaries looking to hunt down Rogue Elements.

TH-80C Cavalier
Nickname: Lancelot, The Cleaver
Manufacturer: Tempa’ Hope Defense Company
Weapons: 1x Impulse Sword, 1x Chain Cannon, 2x Combat Knife

In A.E. 9, the THDC made the decision to design a new BCV to keep up with Braurer’s BX-10A Gespallent 2. An advancement of the Errant, the Cavalier focuses more on Close Combat than even its predecessor. It replaces the hand carried Long Rifle with a mounted Chain Cannon. The two features that are a massive improvement above the 76E are the Impulse Sword and the computer designed to improve melee capabilities for BCVs, the DEULIST. This combination made it a deadly threat against close combat targets, capable of quickly interrupting their movements.

TH-95P Paladin
Nickname: Paladin
Operators: Colonial Navy
Weapons: 1x Twin CIWS, 2x Combat Knife, 1x Impulse Sword, 1x Shell firing cannon

The evolution of the Tempa’s Hope BCV line, consisting of the Errant and Cavalier. The Paladin is a deadly close combat BCV designed specifically to engage other BCVs. It uses a similar weapon layout to the previous models, but replaces its assault rifle with a shell firing cannon based off the BX-03 TIMATs. Like the previous models, it is primarily used for space combat, though it can function terrestrially.

Tempa's Hope Defenders

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