United Nations' Longbow Series

Deployed within a short time of the American, BX-03 TIMAT, the UN-01 Longbow is the first BCV to use hand carried equipment, which revolutionized the usefulness and customization of BCVs. Though the United Nations has only manufactured few members of the Longbow family, they are all given the UN designation.

UN-01 Longbow
Nickname: Chapman
Original Manufacturer: United Nations Technology Institute
Other Manufacturers: United African Coalition
Operators: United Africa Coalition, Colonial Navy, United Nations, Moira’s Gang
Role: Long Range Artillery/Sniper
Weight Class: Medium
Standard Weapons: 1x Long Rifle, 1x Combat Knife

The original Longbow was designed as a counter-measure to the WA-X437 Phobos used by the United Humanity Coalition. It’s primary weapon, the Long Rifle, was designed to fire solid projectiles designed to smash the armor of enemy targets. The rifle itself is a clunky weapon, however the Longbow’s targeting systems are capable of detecting targets and creating firing solutions for targets up to 2 kilometers away. However, this requires the Longbow remain stationary. It is not designed for fast combat. As the UN War dragged on, and the UN joined CINTO, the combination of American TIMATs with the Longbow lead to an impressive battlefield combination that held back the UHC’s forces.

Of the original longbows, two variants were created that are still in use today. The UN-01A Longbow Alpha, and the UN-01B Longbow Beta. The Alpha, designed with environmental seals and a prototype assault rifle, granting it a more useful weapon for closer engagements where mobility was required. The UN-01A is the first BCV capable of underwater action. The UN-01B was designed by the Tempa’s Hope Colony Defense Force. Tempa’s Hope was home to one of the Longbow factories and modified its production run for space use by adding thrusters and improved seals designed to protect against the vacuum. It does not carry the assault rifle of the Alpha. A more modern variant is used by the United Nations Remnant, this version, called the UN-01c Stigma, is easily on par with even the newest UN-06 Longbow Delta.


  • UN-01A Longbow Alpha
  • UN-01B Longbow Beta
  • UN-01c Stigma

UN-04 Longbow Gamma
Nickname: Zaytsev
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Operators: Colonial Navy, Tempa’s Hope Defense Force
Role: Sniper
Weight Class: Light
Standard Weapons: 1x Linear Rifle, Twin CIWS, Combat Knife

Designed in AE 9, the UN-04 Longbow Gamma is the first Longbow series machine not created by the United Nations. This light machine is roughly a meter shorter than the BX-08 Strife, and is designed to avoid direct combat with enemy forces. It’s primary weapon, the Linear Rifle, uses a magnetic coil to hyper-accelerate projectiles at the target at a rate much faster than even Vortex Cannons.

The Longbow Gamma was retired in AE 16, due to the maintenance costs of the Gamma’s Linear Rifle.

UN-05 Longbow Eta
Nickname: Funf
Original Manufacturer: Braurer Corporation
Other Manufacturers: Earth Federation Development Company, Elzam Mechanics
Operators: Colonial Navy, Tempa’s Hope Defense Force, Plath & Cooper, Earth Federal Forces, RDA Militia, many more
Role: Long Range Support
Weight Class: Light
Standard Weapons: 1x Long Rifle, Combat Knife

Designed as the a Long Range support unit for the BX-08[G] Strife Ground Types used by the Expeditionary Force. After the War, when the need for BCVs for security purposes became apparent world wide, the FCL ordered Braurer to release the schematics to the public in order for other nations to mass produce them. This show of good faith caused some tensions between the FCL government and Braurer and was largely seen as too small of a step by the FCL within the Federation.

The Eta is a fairly light BCV which is equipped in a similar manner to the UN-01 Longbow. The Eta’s systems are however much more advanced. The on-board targeting systems have advanced tracking algorithms allowing them to track multiple targets. The Eta is considered one of the most common BCVs currently active.

UN-06 Longbow Delta
Nickname: Cyclops
Original Manufacturer: Elzam Mechanics
Operators: NARA, many Mercenaries and PMCs
Role: Sniper
Weight Class: Medium
Standard Weapons: 1x Long Rifle, Combat Knife

Dr. Elzam, who was familiar with both the UN-04 Longbow Gamma and UN-05 Longbow Eta decided to create the next machine in the series. The UN-06 Longbow Delta was designed as a more durable of the fairly light Eta. It’s targeting systems are enhanced by the main targeting scope mounted on a rail in the head. This “mono-eye” allows for rapid scanning and precise targeting.

UN-17 Longbow Tau
Nickname: Tau
Original Manufacturer: United Nations Remnant
Operators: United Nations Inspectors
Role: Sniper
Weight Class: Medium
Standard Weapons: 1x Linear Rifle, Twin CIWS, 1x LASER, 3x Camera Pods, 3x GunCams

Considered in the same class of destructive power as the BX-10A Gespallent 2. The Longbow Tau was designed by the United Nations Remnant as the symbol of the authority, which the Federation sought to undermine. The Tau’s designed to serve as a powerful sniper, its targeting systems are enhanced by the Camera Pods and GunPods which feed it tactical data as well as attack the enemy. Their Linear Rifles are each customized to the users specifications well beyond that of other rifles. However, despite being their primary weapon, the weapon they are most known for is the LASER.

Each Tau is equipped with a Long Assault Solar Energy Ray, or LASER. A powerful energy weapon on the same caliber as Colonial Battleship’s Neutron Cannon. The LASER releases a burst of energy, which super-heats all the air in the beam. The damage is capable of melting nearly anything. The drawback of the LASER is its cooldown time. A LASER requires a minimum of ten minutes before its capable of firing again.

As the Inspectors are the elites of the United Nation’s forces, each Tau is further customized by its pilot. Many include extra weapons to widen its range of use. Others are modified to serve as scouts and infiltrators.

UN-93 Longbow Nu
Nickname: Phantom
Original Manufacturer: Nathan Durendal
Operators: United Nations Remnant, Mongoose Company
Role: Long Range Support
Weight Class: Light
Standard Weapons: 1x Custom “Dead End Shot” Linear Rifle, 1x LASER System, 1x Combat Sword, 6x Gun Pods, 3x Phantom Pods, Twin CIWS, “Kerrigan” Prototype Drone Controller.

Designed by Nathan Durendal after the destruction of his Longbow Tau at the Battle of O’Hare, the Longbow Nu was famously used by Harold W. Weber at during Operation: Ash Like Snow. Capable of all-environment combat, this machine earned a fearsome reputation. However, since O:ASL the Longbow Nu has yet to be seen. It is unknown why it’s numeric designation skips to 93.

United Nations' Longbow Series

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